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Fosera Pshs Mobile Power System



Product Description

The PSHS is an autonomous and mobile energy system that can be used for rural electrification. State of the art lithium battery technology used by fosera offers unprecedented performance and long battery life without sulphation while being maintenance free. The fosera ceiling and wall-lamps use highly efficient LEDs of highest lifetime and illumination-stability. The solar modules use crystalline silicon solar cell technology with a lifetime of over 20 years. With a unique, modular PSHS extension the system can grow with energy demand. Additional fosera power boxes or lanterns can be connected with a Plug & Play cable. Efficient appliances can be connected to the system, including lamps, fans, radios, and phone chargers.
With German engineering, fosera has developed a new, high quality system of home solar energy supply with unique features at a very reasonable price. Each 3.25 V fosera PSHS can power several bright lights for many years without having to replace batteries or lamps, can power radios and cooling fans, and can charge mobile phones.

Technical Data

System Voltage 3.2V
System Capacity @ C20 7000 mAh
Module Peak Power 5W
Module Current 1200mA
Lamp FOSERA 200
Max. no. of recommended Lamps 4x FOSERA 200
Radio possible yes
Phone charger possible yes
Module Dimensions(cms) 29*18*2(L*W*T)

This system has been developed carefully according to German engineering standards. The PSHS has been designed to meet your everyday needs, and has a lifeline of several years upon proper usage. To ensure maximum power output and reliability, the PSHS uses powerful rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. The solar module is comprised of crystalline cell technology in well proven glass and aluminum based encapsulation to increase efficiency under various weather conditions. The lamp has been manufactured with the highest efficiency long lasting LEDs with brightness compared to 15Watts to 35Watts of incandescent light bulbs, while consuming just about 4% of the power. The innovative “plug and power” system allow users to perform self-installation with increased portability. PSHS is the first system of its kind which can grow with the demand of the user, as the system’s unique modular designs allow users to connect several PSHS systems in parallel.

  PSHS 2800 PSHS 4200 PSHS 7000
System Voltage 3.2 V 3.2 V 3.2 V
System Capacity@C20 2800mAh 4200mAh 7000mAh
Module Peak Power 1.5 W 2.5 W 5 W
Lamp Light 100 Light 200 Light 200
Max No. of recommended Lamps 2 x FL-100 2 x FL-200 4 x FL-200
Radio Yes Yes Yes
Phone Charger At daytime Yes Yes


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